#moocmooc wordle Aug 8 – Aug 13 2012

Wordle: #moocmooc Aug 8 - 13 2012I am intrigued by the potential to pull information about the current moocmooc by mining twitter data. Instead of contributing to the collaborative google documents yesterday, I worked to wrap my brain around the data api’s offered by Twitter. Here is my first pass at playing with the data:

A wordle from all tweets tagged with #moocmooc between Aug 8th and earlier this morning ( ~8 am Aug 14th EST).

it contains2108 tweets. I removed over 5000 mentions of “mooc” and “moocmooc” and 1029 incidences of the term “RT” because these terms dominated the visualization.

A set of @’s dominate the image. One interpretation is that we are using a diverse vocabulary targeted at a small number of participants.

Click on the centered image to see a larger, more crisp version of the image.
Click on the thumbnail at the top left to see the java version at the wordle site
Click here to see the raw text I used to create the image.

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