Random list of links from #moocmooc tagged tweets sent during Mooc Mooc

The following is a list of five links selected randomly from all links shared via twitter using the #moocmooc hashtag during the 7 day MOOC about MOOC‘s held in August 2012.

Five random links from #moocmooc:

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Some notes on the data:

  • The links are selected from 1009 links pulled from tweets tagged with #moocmooc.
  • They are all shortened url’s. Each url appears only once, but the use of different url shortening services by different users means that some of the url’s may redirect to the same content.
  • The links were pulled from tweets sent between midday Sunday August 12th through early morning Monday August 20th.
  • I have not made any effort to check for spam. However, Twitter was actively removing tweets all week and I have not found any spam links.
  • If you find any spam, please leave a comment to that effect and I will remove the link.
  • This is not a dynamic search, no new tweets are being added.
  • Be sure to bookmark any content you want to get back to. The next time you visit this page, you will be presented with a different list of links.
  • These links direct to blog posts, articles of interest, videos and pictures. Everything #moocmooc participants shared during the week.