Ed Startup 101 collaborative activity – follow up

Proposed directions for a Ed Startup 101 space collaborative activity can be found in this google document.

If I have set it up properly, anyone with the link to the document can post comments without signing into google. If you would like editing privileges, give me the email address associated with your google account and I will add you as an author. You can send it to @andrewstaroscik on twitter, @andrewstaroscik on the edstartup 101 site or via my blog contact form.

This is just a draft. Please feel free to suggest modification to the assignment.

I’d like to finalize the assignment by EOD Monday and have the collaborative activity completed by Thursday or Friday of this week.

3 thoughts on “Ed Startup 101 collaborative activity – follow up

  1. The assignment looks good to me! I’m currently working on the course on Mondays. I’m in the GMT+0 timezone, how about you guys?

    Looking forward to collaborating!

    • Thanks. I added the text from the comment to the document. If you send me your google credentials I’ll add you as an author

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