Visualization of this weeks #FYCChat twitter chat

I missed the #FYCChat digital tools in the composition classroom discussion earlier in the week and created this visualization to help me follow the conversation threads.

Hover over each node to see the content of the tweet. Click on a node to open the tweet in a new window:

This is similar to the #digped visualization I made last week. The forces acting on the nodes are stronger in this new visualization. I did this to help untangle threaded nodes. It gives the visualization more spring.

I added the ability to access the permalink for any tweet by clicking on the node. This makes it possible to retweet, favorite or reply directly from the visualization.


  • Darker circles are tweets that were not sent in reply to any other tweets.
  • Light blue circles with red outlines are tweets posted in response to other tweets.
  • The dataset only contains tweets obtained from the twitter search api tagged with #dFYCChat from 9:00 to ~ 10:03 pm Eastern on 13 September 2012
  • Orphaned replies (light circles with no links) are likely due to missing hashtags on tweets in the conversation.

One limitation of this structure is that it does not provide any clue as to the timing of the tweets. I messed around with arranging the tweets in chronological order along the vertical axis. The vertical alignment worked nicely for small test datasets, but became difficult to follow when 100 or more tweets were included.

made using the d3.js library