Where US seafood comes from

Data collected by the USDA Economic Research Service includes detailed information on US aquaculture imports and exports. Import data is broken out by country for three major products: Shrimp, Salmon and Tilapia.

The following figure breaks down the 2012 import data for these three groups by value in 1,000 US dollars. Click on the buttons across the top to view data for the different species.


  • By both quantity and value, shrimp is our largest import.
  • Shrimp from Thailand is by far the largest single category. It is so large that the circle representing the amount had to be moved to the South and West on the map to avoid obscuring the surrounding countries.
  • China is the only country that exports a significant amount of all three categories.
  • Ecuador and Indonesia export large amounts of both shrimp and tilapia.
  • Shrimp comes primarily from Asia.
  • Tilapia comes from China and Central/South America.
  • Salmon comes from Chile, Canada and Europe.
  • The ‘other countries’ catagory represents less than 3% of the total imports for tilapia and salmon, but is almost 12% of the total for shrimp.
  • If this data was representative of my household, salmon would dominate with shrimp coming in a distant second.