More Wave Interferences Models

DSC_0078 The wave interference models I shared a few months ago followed two dimensional waves over time. (x and z axes represented space and the y axis represented time. As an extension of this work, I’ve started creating models of interaction patterns formed by circular waves.

The models in this post are snapshots showing interaction pattern formed by two longitudinal waves propagating over time.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how great these models look when lit from behind. The amount of plastic in the peak and valleys of the interference patters differ enough that back lighting the models allows for a clear view of the variation of wave height across the models.




These are the patterns formed when a calm body of water is gently disturbed at two points close together. These are also the interference patterns formed by light in Thomas Young’s classic double slit experiment. The experiment that proved that light has wave-like properties. The model below shows the interference patterns revealed by the double slit experiment:



All the models were created using OpenSCAD. The stl file for the 3d representation of the double slit experiment is available for download on Thingiverse.