#moocmooc first three days of activity based on tweet abundance

Here is an update of yesterday’s graph containing the first three days of activity binned in 15 minute intervals.

Spam started appearing in the thread midday yesterday and accounts for some of the increased traffic in day’s 2 and 3, but I have not tried to figure out how much.

Interesting that the 10 pm (est) video discussion replaced the the 6 pm social hour on day three.

click image to enlarge

Stats for the first three days:

  • 865 tweets on day one (Sunday)
  • 1100 tweets on day two (Monday)
  • 1084 tweets on day three (tuesday)
  • As of 4 pm EST on day four there were over 100 more tweets than there were at the same time on either of the previous two days.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Spamming is increasing traffic
  • There is an bug¬†in the twitter search system¬†that is preventing some tweets (including most of mine) from showing up in the #moocmooc data.